Motivating designs for inspiring clients.

I’m a self-educated graphic designer, photographer and video editor based in Istanbul, Turkey. I adore variety in my life and I’m passionate about all kind of computer arts. Because graphic design, photography, animation and video are just another ways to tell our stories for me. I’ve taken many courses in different arts such as graphic design, animation, video editing, photography, painting and drawing.  My freelance career started in 2012 and since then I’ve worked with many small companies. I got experience in all stages of the design, photography and video projects. I’ve had the opportunity to work with wonderful people as well as collaborate. I’m very self-motivated, fast problem solver and enjoy working with a team or alone. Being a part of big projects excites me most.

“Motivating designs for inspiring clients” slogan comes from a client who inspired me much. She was a crafter and her art inspired me a lot when I was working with her. Also, I see that she loved my designs and my ways to tell her stories. So she was my inspiration and I was her motivation. So I believe that good design motivates. Look at the people who feel more energic, sportive and free when they’re carrying Nike logo on their clothes. A logo worth carrying in your t-shirt will make you happy if it’s your company.

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